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46 Tools To Make Infographics In The Classroom

Infographics are interesting–a mash of (hopefully) easily-consumed visuals (so, symbols, shapes, and images) and added relevant character-based data (so, numbers, words, and brief sentences). The learning application for them is clear, with many academic standards–including the Common Core standards–requiring teachers to use a variety of media forms, charts, and other data for both information reading […]


Apps voor Eindhoven | Open Eindhoven

Tijdens de Apps voor Eindhoven Challenge 2014 gaan ambtenaren, data-tovenaars, hackers, designers en creatievelingen zij aan zij strijden om met Open Data, informatiebronnen en kennis onze stad Eindhoven nog slimmer en beter maken. via Apps voor Eindhoven | Open Eindhoven.

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Real Smart Cities are not user-friendly

If user-friendliness means that we close off our information technologies behind flashy interfaces and in shiny casings, while outsourcing the difficult questions about power and value to specialized helpdesks and separate spheres of technology development, smart cities should not be user-friendly. via Real Smart Cities are not user-friendly | The Last Resort.


Tover je Toekomst! « MAD emergent art center

MAD emergent art center organiseert Tover je Toekomst – workshops speciaal voor kinderen – tijdens de FeelGood Market op zondag 22 december in het Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. De gratis workshops Tover je Toekomst, zijn een bijzondere ervaring voor kinderen van 6-14 jaar. Er zijn twee soorten workshop, één waarin wordt getekend, en één waarin wordt […]


Living Lab laat ander licht schijnen op Stratumseind

Het Stratumseind in Eindhoven wordt gekoppeld aan een ‘Living Lab’. Een uniek onderzoeks- en meetinstrument om het uitgaansgebied veiliger, levendiger en aantrekkelijker te maken. Een van de meest opvallende elementen van dit Living Lab is de toepassing van licht. Philips en de TU Eindhoven gaan kijken of ze met variaties in kleur en lichtintensiteit invloed […]


AUIW: Social Design in innovatie

What does it take to Redefine Growth on a scale that really matters? During the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week 2013, we will try answer this question. Together with more than hundred partners and initiatives in Amsterdam we are challenging the different visions and believes, knowledge, local experiences and concrete practices in the city to find […]


Restoring Cities as Engines of Opportunity: Data, Tech and Systems Change

We see extraordinary promise in marrying the emerging civic technology and data movement with leading systems-change initiatives to bring about faster, deeper and broader results. Smart cities technologies, open data, predictive analytics and apps for civic engagement have proliferated in recent years, giving cities new and powerful tools to solve tough problems. Collectively, we are […]

Citizens Will Make the Future of Cities

‘The future of making is changing again, and cities and citizens will lead the way’, says an expert of Human-Future interaction. The way we make things is constantly changing. Making can be traced throughout history. The steam engine sparked the Industrial Revolution, shifting the world from handcrafting to mass production. The assembly line and mass production […]

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Beyond Code in the Tomorrow City

Since 2009, the San Francisco-based non-profit Code for America has embedded its budding techies in one-year fellowships with city halls around the country. The goal: To build apps that make city governments run more effectively and bolster engagement between citizens and civil servants. But even Code founder Jennifer Pahlka — who hatched the idea for […]

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the Rise of Global Startup Communities

The fever for startups is now planetary. Every city seems to have a growing scene of young software companies. And if they don’t, they want one. It’s a practically a social movement, and a movement needs a theorist. That’s Brad Feld. Feld is a partner at the Foundry Group, which invests in startups, and a […]