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Real Smart Cities are not user-friendly

If user-friendliness means that we close off our information technologies behind flashy interfaces and in shiny casings, while outsourcing the difficult questions about power and value to specialized helpdesks and separate spheres of technology development, smart cities should not be user-friendly. via Real Smart Cities are not user-friendly | The Last Resort.


Owning the city: New media and citizen engagement in urban design | de Lange | First Monday

Over the last few years, the term ‘smart cities’ has gained traction in academic, industry, and policy debates about the deployment of new media technologies in urban settings. It is mostly used to describe and market technologies that make city infrastructures more efficient, and personalize the experience of the city. Here, we want to propose […]

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Beyond Code in the Tomorrow City

Since 2009, the San Francisco-based non-profit Code for America has embedded its budding techies in one-year fellowships with city halls around the country. The goal: To build apps that make city governments run more effectively and bolster engagement between citizens and civil servants. But even Code founder Jennifer Pahlka — who hatched the idea for […]

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Eindhoven Hackable World City: speculating on future investments for the city

Traditional urban planning in the Netherlands with top down master plans and large scale area development is over. This is partly due to the financial crisis, demographic change, peak mobility, and the digitization of urban society. The challenge of large future  investment projects is to optimize and make better use of existing resources. Cities will […]

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Innovation for Inclusion Trough Design

Indicators of Sustainability on Urban Development Smart Informal Territories: Heliopolis Slum Innovation for Inclusion Trough Design Sao Paulo Megacity Sustainability Indicators, Brazil Professor Carlos Leite describes his two recent research projects, “Indicators of Sustainability on Urban Development” and “Smart Informal Territories Lab in Heliopolis Slum” which look at the challenge of the Sustainable Megacity through Sao […]


New Towns | New Territories

This conference explores the latest innovations in global urbanization, privatization and new organizational models of urban development as well as the impact and challenges for professional practice. Michelle Provoost, Director of the International New Town Institute in the Netherlands, will give an introduction on developments and trends of new towns. Tegenlicht – New Towns | […]

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Computerized house to generate as much energy as it uses

The unique facility looks and behaves like an actual house, and has been built to U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum standards — the highest standard for sustainable structures. The two-story, four-bedroom, three-bath Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility incorporates energy-efficient construction and appliances, as well as energy-generating technologies such as solar water heating and solar […]

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Tower of Innovation

From ArchDaily: Austrian (architecture) practice soma proposes a new tower typology, titled Fibrous Tower of Multiple Natures, for the Taiwan Tower International Competition in Taichung, Taiwan. The conceptual drive for this tower comes from the desire to create a cultural landmark whose associations are multiple and dynamic, adapting with changing ideas about the nature of […]

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