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Equality of Opportunity

Is America the “Land of Opportunity”? In two recent studies, we find that: (1) Upward income mobility varies substantially within the U.S. [summary][paper] Areas with greater mobility tend to have five characteristics: less segregation, less income inequality, better schools, greater social capital, and more stable families. (2) Contrary to popular perception, economic mobility has not changed significantly over […]

GroenLinks zet duurzame energiekansen op de kaart

GroenLinks wil dat bewoners en ondernemers straks in een oogopslag kunnen zien of het mogelijk is om zonnepanelen en/of een groen dak te realiseren op het eigen dak. De partij heeft hiervoor vandaag een voorstel ingediend. GroenLinks raadslid Tamira Combrink bepleit het ontwikkelen van een interactieve Energiekansenkaart, waarop bewoners en ondernemers makkelijk zelf op kunnen […]

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Combating crime with urban greenery

Research from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, suggests that, rather than contributing to higher rates of crime, vegetation and greenery in cities can actually suppress some types of criminal activity. While convention has traditionally dictated that high levels of vegetation in urban planning abet crime, this paper shows that the presence of grassy areas, trees […]

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Stanford researchers create genetic transistors, make biologic computing possible

When constructing computer circuits, most folks start with silicon and metal, but not the researchers at Stanford. The boffins in Palo Alto want to build computers out of living tissue, and to that end they’ve created a biological transistor, called the transcriptor. Transcriptors substitute DNA for semiconductors and RNA for the electrons in traditional transistors […]

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Smart Energy Regions

Smart Energy is het label waaronder een cluster van bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheden de krachten bundelen om concepten van moderne regionale energiehuishoudingen te ontwikkelen en te implementeren. Met name in stedelijke gebieden die wereldwijd groeien is behoefte aan integratie van voorkomen, productie, distributie, opslag en efficiënt gebruiken van energie waarbij hightech innovaties slim kunnen worden […]

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Eindhoven Hackable World City: speculating on future investments for the city

Traditional urban planning in the Netherlands with top down master plans and large scale area development is over. This is partly due to the financial crisis, demographic change, peak mobility, and the digitization of urban society. The challenge of large future  investment projects is to optimize and make better use of existing resources. Cities will […]

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Innovation for Inclusion Trough Design

Indicators of Sustainability on Urban Development Smart Informal Territories: Heliopolis Slum Innovation for Inclusion Trough Design Sao Paulo Megacity Sustainability Indicators, Brazil Professor Carlos Leite describes his two recent research projects, “Indicators of Sustainability on Urban Development” and “Smart Informal Territories Lab in Heliopolis Slum” which look at the challenge of the Sustainable Megacity through Sao […]


Zonnecelmachine TNO zet standaard

Solliance, de nieuwe samenwerking op het gebied van onderzoek naar zonnecellen, neemt vrijdag officieel CIGS zonnecelmachines in gebruik. De machinelijn is belangrijk bij de ontwikkeling van dit type zonnecellen, waar Solliance zich mee bezighoudt. Volgens dr. Ando Kuypers, programmamanager bij TNO, dient de machinelijn als referentie voor proeven met nieuw ontwikkelde machines. “Wij willen met […]


Lithium-ion battery that charges 120 times faster

A group of Korean scientists, working at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), have developed a fast-charge lithium-ion battery that can be recharged 30 to 120 times faster than conventional li-ion batteries. The team believes it can build a battery pack for electric vehicles that can be fully charged in less than […]

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Zenman Energy’s Solar Steam Engine

Open Source Solar Energy: When we think of solar power, the first thing that many of us think of is generating electricity with photovoltaic panels, which is out of reach of most of our budgets due to the current price of a home PV installation. There are other viable options for home solar power, including […]

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