Kinect Helmet – Navigational Aids For The Visually Impaired

NAVI (Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired) is a student project aiming at improving indoor navigation for visually impaired by leveraging the Microsoft Kinect camera, a vibrotactile waistbelt and markers from the AR-Toolkit.While the “white cane” is a good tool to improve navigation for visually impaired, it has certain drawbacks such as a small radius or that it just detects objects that are on the ground (during typical use).We wanted to augment the visually impaired person’s impression of a room or building by providing vibro-tactile feedback that reproduces the room’s layout.

The vibrotactile waistbelt

The vibrotactile waistbelt

Human-Computer Interaction | Mensch-Computer Interaktion | Usability Engineering | Konstanz.

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