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3D printing a blank canvas | VoxelFab

3D printing is not being held back by machines, its man that is restraining this revolution. In the tool chain from the ideas in our heads to the final product many steps are precarious ones. 3D design software is too difficult as is file repair and conversion. But, it is at a step before this, […]

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Fraunhofer solves content headache for glasses-free 3D

Fraunhofer researchers have answered content concerns surrounding glasses-free 3D displays with a technology that can adapt conventional 3D films in real time. Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz Institute, HHI in Berlin will unveil the technology that converts a Blu-ray’s existing 3D content in a manner that enables them to be shown on autostereoscopic […]

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Leap 3D motion control system is 100 times more accurate than Kinect

Motion control startup Leap Motion has demoed its Leap 3D motion control system, which can track motion to around 0.01mm accuracy — 100 times more accurate than the Kinect. Rather than taking Microsoft’s approach, Leap Motion creates a personal 3D workspace of about four cubic feet. The Leap consists of a small USB device with […]

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See Through 3D Desktop – jinhalee

Users can casually open up the See-Through 3D Desktop and Type on the keyboard or use a trackpad as in traditional 2D operating environment. Windows or files are perceived to be placed in a 3D space between a screen and the input plane. The user can lift up his hands to reach the displayed windows […]

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3-D cameras for cellphones

Imagine a high-quality 3-D camera that provides more-accurate depth information than the Microsoft Kinect, has a greater range, and works under all lighting conditions — but is so small, cheap and power-efficient that it could be incorporated into a cellphone at very little extra cost. That’s the promise of recent work by Vivek Goyal, the Esther […]

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3-D Design Simplified – Technology Review

Researchers at Cornell University have launchedEndlessForms, a website that lets users create sculptures virtually and render them in physical form. The site demonstrates a technology that designers could use to create new products and accelerate the broader adoption of 3-D printing. People can use EndlessForms without any prior 3-D design experience. The user begins by […]

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Scientist creates 3-D scanner iPhone app (w/ video)

Grant Schindler, research scientist at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing created Trimensional, an app that uses the iPhone 4, iPad 2 or most recent iPod Touch to take 3-D scans of faces or other objects. Photo: Rob Felt/Georgia Tech ( — Leave it to an iPhone app developer to turn a tool that cost hundreds […]

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