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3D Printing And Reality Capture | Transitionistas

It may be symptomatic of our times but the delta between weak signal & fast-moving trend seems to be getting shorter & shorter. Compelling innovations are bootstrapped rapidly into full-fledged solutions, enabling a highly-efficient lab-to-home ecosystem. While it’s been percolating for years, the emergence of consumer 3D printing really only landed on the hype cycle […]

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Soon you’ll be able to print your own robot

Do you have about $800? Do you have a 3D printer, and access to a few motors? If you have said yes to these questions, you are potentially just days and some light assembly away from being in possession of your very own robot. A French inventor named Gael Langevin is in the process of creating […]

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The Difference Between Makers and Manufacturers

The Difference Between Makers and Manufacturers Fans of 3-D printers and digital design tools argue that these technologies will transform the way we make goods. But can the “maker” movement really produce more than iPhone covers and jewelry? via The Difference Between Makers and Manufacturers | MIT Technology Review.

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Japan’s 3D photo booth opens for business

Using the power of 3D-printing technology, a new Japanese photo booth will turn you and your loved ones into miniature 3D figures from a regular photo shoot. via Japan’s 3D photo booth opens for business – Digital Cameras: SLR & Compact Cameras.


3D printing a blank canvas | VoxelFab

3D printing is not being held back by machines, its man that is restraining this revolution. In the tool chain from the ideas in our heads to the final product many steps are precarious ones. 3D design software is too difficult as is file repair and conversion. But, it is at a step before this, […]

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MIT Team Develops Portable Popfab 3D Printer That Fits Inside a Suitcase!

MIT designers Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek have created a briefcase-sized 3D printer called Popfab that is much more than meets the eye. Like a hi-tech Swiss army knife, the printer is also a CNC milling machine, vinyl cutter, and programmable drawing tool. MIT Team Develops Portable Popfab 3D Printer That Fits Inside a Suitcase! […]

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Video: MIT’s Neri Oxman and Biologically-Inspired 3D Printed Systems

MIT Media Lab researchers Neri Oxman and Steven Keating are creating biologically-inspired 3D printing systems. Oxman explains the mission of their lab, “Our goal here is to explore processes for digital fabrication like 3D printing that are inspired by nature with the belief that we are going to emerge on the other side generating and […]

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6 Big HealthTech Ideas That Will Change Medicine In 2012

“In the future we might not prescribe drugs all the time, we might prescribe apps.” Singularity University‘s executive director of FutureMed Daniel Kraft M.D. sat down with me to discuss the biggest emerging trends in HealthTech. Here we’ll look at how A.I, big data, 3D printing, social health networks and other new technologies will help you get […]

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3-D Design Simplified – Technology Review

Researchers at Cornell University have launchedEndlessForms, a website that lets users create sculptures virtually and render them in physical form. The site demonstrates a technology that designers could use to create new products and accelerate the broader adoption of 3-D printing. People can use EndlessForms without any prior 3-D design experience. The user begins by […]

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