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Android Is Suddenly In A Lot Of Trouble

The mobile story for 2011 was the rise of Android. It looks like the mobile story for 2012 is not going to be so good for Android. It appears as though the operating system is in choppy waters, and is suddenly facing a lot of trouble. We’re going to lay out all the small and […]


Toy Robots and Programmed Light Bulbs – Google Embraces the Internet of Things

Google is making a significant investment in the Internet of Things, with everything ranging from toy robots to programmable light bulbs. The news came at Google I/O today. Among other things, Google introduced Android@Home, which will turn Android devices into home controllers – to do everything from dimming the lights to managing an irrigation system. Of […]

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Android@Home: Google Gets Serious About the Smart Home

Android@Home is a new Google framework, announced today, that will allow you to control everything in your home from an Android device. It’s an exciting development from Google, which up till now has been on the periphery of the Internet of Things – the fast-evolving trend where real world objects are connected to the Internet. Microsoft has […]

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News Sharing App For Android

It was another fast-paced day at 500 Startups’ open house in Mountain View today, as Dave McClure and company officially introduced the world to its first batch of killer startups. One of the many stellar demos came from Ninua, a startup that is building social apps around news, blogs, and social media. Its recently launched Ninua News Reader is […]

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“Open” Android

Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Closed. I’ve never liked Google’s use of the word “open” to describe the Android operating system. On one hand, the “openness” has lead to situations where carriers can more easily screw consumers. On the other hand, their system is really only “open” when it’s convenient to be. Wanna include […]

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