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Apps voor Eindhoven | Open Eindhoven

Tijdens de Apps voor Eindhoven Challenge 2014 gaan ambtenaren, data-tovenaars, hackers, designers en creatievelingen zij aan zij strijden om met Open Data, informatiebronnen en kennis onze stad Eindhoven nog slimmer en beter maken. via Apps voor Eindhoven | Open Eindhoven.

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Siri, Google Now, and the End of Apps

Siri, Google Now, and the End of Apps | MIT Technology Review.

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Eindhoven zoekt apps tegen overgewicht

EINDHOVEN – Eindhoven doet mee aan een internationale campagne tegen zwaarlijvigheid. De gemeente zoekt ideeën voor apps die helpen tegen en bij overgewicht. De beste applicatie wint de Living Labs Global Award 2012. Doel van de campagne is om zoveel mogelijk informatie openbaar te maken over obesitas en gezond leven. via Omroep Brabant: Eindhoven zoekt […]

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Ideeën voor duurzame apps op NME event

Ideeën voor duurzame apps gezocht Tijdens Ecomedia op 2 februari brengt een team van ontwikkelaars live apps tot stand. Hiervoor zijn we op zoek naar ideeën! Apps, applicaties voor onder andere smartphones en tablets, zijn bijna niet meer weg te denken. Op 2 februari vindt Ecomedia plaats, een evenement rondom nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het gebied […]

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Go Green with Augmented Reality

Today was the public release for the mobile app of the Green Party of Berlin and their election campaign. With the app you can actively participate in the real public space by posting or interacting with others on topics of interest, such as payable living space, education, energy consumption or production and public transport.  By […]

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Omniscient Mobile Computing: What if Your Apps Knew Everything About Where You Are?

Geographic data provider SimpleGeo announced yesterday that it now offers US census data for any location an app queries for, along with all the other types of data about what surrounds that place. Gender breakout, commute time, age, housing prices and other data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey is now included in […]

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Mobile Health Apps That Share

A project aims to collect data from apps, potentially enabling new kinds of health research. A set of tools for building cell-phone apps that collect health-related information aims to change the way health information is stored, shared, and used. The Open mHealth project, developed at UCLA and UCSF, provides technology for  health apps that transmit […]

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Rise of the “Hybrid” Mobile App

Mobile apps that use Web technologies are easier to build and deploy on multiple platforms. When Lotte Card, one of South Korea’s biggest credit card companies, wanted to create an augmented-reality app earlier this year, it faced a familiar conundrum: whether to develop a sophisticated custom app for each major mobile platform out there or produce […]

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3 Handy Apps for Digital Wizards

Each weekend, Mashable handpicks a few startups that we think are building interesting, unique or niche products. This time they’ve curated a collection of applications that should come in handy the next time you’re planning a hotel stay, interested in promoting your digital prowess or looking to list your events calendar in a social way. They like […]

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How Open Data Applications are Improving Government

Open data is the big trend these days when people talk about “Government 2.0.” In reality, the open data movement has just begun, with governments finally starting to release data en masse in an effort to promote transparency. While projects likeApps for Democracy have received significant media attention, we are just at the dawn of the […]

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