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Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real

… augmented reality is still mostly used by early tech adopters, but it’s starting to graze the mainstream, helped by the massive popularity of smartphones and tablets, and their constantly improving processors and sensors, along with the growth of high-speed wireless data networks. Apps featuring augmented reality are available for everything from gaming to driving […]


the Serious Business of Augmented Reality

IFTF’s Mike Liebhold is featured in the Ericsson’s Business Review cover story on the transformative world of augmented reality. The dreams of sci-fi writers and movie makers are explored here–playing out on a street corner near you will be “a cinematic view of the real world overlaid with digital information” that will adorn your world […]


Playing with Augmented Reality

As graphical user interfaces replaced text-based systems in the 1980s and ’90s, computers often came with one or two games, such as Microsoft’s Solitaire (above right), intended to help people become comfortable with the technology. Today, games are playing a similar role for augmented reality, which overlays digital data on the physical world (as in […]

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Video: How ‘augmented reality’ will make boring cities beautiful | SmartPlanet

In the near future, as you stroll down the street, billboards and street signs will change to suit your interests. Ghostly arrows will float in the air, pointing you toward your destination. Buildings, vehicles, the apparel of those you pass, and the very fabric of the reality you perceive will all be as changeable as […]

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Go Green with Augmented Reality

Today was the public release for the mobile app of the Green Party of Berlin and their election campaign. With the app you can actively participate in the real public space by posting or interacting with others on topics of interest, such as payable living space, education, energy consumption or production and public transport.  By […]

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Argon – The Augmented Reality Web Browser

Argon is the completely open standards augmented reality browser that allows rapid development and deployment of Web 2.0 style augmented reality content. Argon renders a standards compliant combination of KML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript served via typical HTTP servers Multiple simultaneous channels, analogous to browser tabs on the desktop, let authors create dynamic and interactive […]

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Manifest.AR – Boston Cyberarts Festival 2011

Manifest.AR is an international artists collective working with emergent forms of augmented reality as interventionist public art. The group sees this medium as a way of transforming public space and institutions by installing virtual objects and artworks, which respond to and overlay the configuration of located physical meaning. Utilizing this technology as artwork is an […]

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Augmented Reality into an Open Standard

A team at Georgia Tech hopes to make it easier to create and use augmented reality applications. A research team at Georgia Tech hopes to make augmented reality (AR) on smart phones more useful by developing an open standard for it. Currently, there is no standard way to create or render AR applications, which overlay […]

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Konstruct – AR iPhone app – James Alliban

In the coming years, once Augmented Reality glasses are commonplace, I hope to see apps that allow for creative user generated content to be distributed in virtual space. These tools would give people the opportunity to virtually build sculptures, paint on walls and leave trails using gesture and voice as they wander through cities. Others […]

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