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Nationaal Congres Open Data – CLICKNL

Op vrijdag 5 april 2013 is het Stadhuis in Eindhoven het toneel van het Nationaal Congres Open Data. Het thema is verbinden en delen, niet alleen de kracht van Open Data, maar ook een kernwaarde van CLICKNL. In de innovatieagenda van CLICKNL|Media&ICT is big data ook een van de grote thema’s. Het Nationaal Congres Open […]

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Call for proposals Big Data Data Science

Data bieden kansen voor innovatie. De regering stimuleert de samenwerking tussen bedrijfsleven en kennisinstellingen om deze kansen te benutten. Om de doelen van de ICT Roadmap te halen, stellen het NWO-gebied Exacte Wetenschappen en het Netherlands eScience Center gezamenlijk M€ 2,5 beschikbaar voor samenwerkingsprojecten van bedrijven en onderzoekers op het gebied van “Big Data” (Data […]

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Big Data in More Hands –

Business people, Big Data is coming for you. Software that captures lots of data and uses it to make predictions has mostly been the province of engineers skilled in arcane databases and statisticians capable of developing complex algorithms. As the business gets bigger, however, software makers are domesticating their products in the hope they will […]


Big Data: Visualized

Data is an amazing thing, and as you know, we’re making more of it than ever before. The idea of ‘big data’ has gone from buzzword to reality, as cloud solutions to handling massive quantities of information have become more than the norm, they are now the lifeblood of the Internet. However, the scale at which information […]


Big Data’s Grass-Roots Revolution –

The Big Data revolution may be raising more questions than it is answering. Who owns my behavior? Where does my government begin and end? Should I be able to bet on the outcome of a trial? By accident and design, people and companies are putting huge amounts of information about prices, locations, intentions and just […]

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The New Big Data

Top scientists from companies such as Google and Yahoo are gathered alongside leading academics at the 17th Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) in San Diego this week. They will present the latest techniques for wresting insights from the deluge of data produced nowadays, and for making sense […]

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What Big Data Needs: A Code of Ethical Practices

What Big Data Needs: A Code of Ethical Practices Four key principles that companies should follow if they hope to analyze customers’ data without alienating them. In this era of Big Data, there is little that cannot be tracked in our online lives—or even in our offline lives. Consider one new Silicon Valley venture, called […]

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