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New Media As Political Forms

… the new situation in the modern class-room is that the adolescent today does not need information. He is hopelessly overloaded with messages from the urban environment. The class-room no longer need typically perform the function of providing facts. It must above all provide techniques of recognition and discrimination. Reality-testing can no longer follow the […]

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Bringing Minecraft-style games to the Open Web

Shortly after Christmas 2012 (about 3 and a half weeks ago) the Story of Mojang was intentionally released as a torrent. I watched it and was inspired. A year earlier I had purchased 2 copies of Minecraft for my nephews to play (and they haven’t done much else since) but as gaming hasn’t been a […]

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Want to Recession-Proof Yourself? Join the Creative Class

Looking to thrive in our new, post-recession economy? Then it’s essential to focus on doing work that it would be near-impossible to program a computer or robot to do. A fascinating study, published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics in 2012, found that Americans in the creative class — those in jobs such as engineers, artists, scientists and […]

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Hack your Education

The idea that the world is constantly changing — and faster than ever before — is nothing new. But what’s new is that companies and organizations are starting to realize that our generation needs to be educated — through action, not theory — on just how this new world works. Imagine that, instead of college, […]

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BRIDEE (BRIdging, Design, Entrepreneurship and Education) is an open platform where individuals or companies (‘idea owners’) post ideas with business potential. When an idea is selected, a team of business and design students will work together with the idea owner to turn the idea into a venture. Whatever the outcome of the project, all rights […]

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Mickey Hart: There’s a Fire on the Mountain

The drumbeat of politicians sounding the alarm about the need to rethink how we educate children in this country is music to my ears. But the rhythm of the conversation, which tends to focus on Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math, is missing a beat: STEM needs an A, for the Arts. How did I learn this? The hard way… […]

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