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Opening Mµ « Brainport Development

Met Mμ beschikt Brainport Regio Eindhoven over een hoogwaardige accelerator waarin high tech bedrijven kunnen doorgroeien. Mμ is speciaal ontwikkeld voor kleine en middelgrote bedrijven met activiteiten gericht op Research en Development met de focus op Lifetech en New Energy. Minister Kamp en NWO-voorzitter Jos Engelen openen Mµ « Brainport Development.

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Computerized house to generate as much energy as it uses

The unique facility looks and behaves like an actual house, and has been built to U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum standards — the highest standard for sustainable structures. The two-story, four-bedroom, three-bath Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility incorporates energy-efficient construction and appliances, as well as energy-generating technologies such as solar water heating and solar […]

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Reinventing Energy Futures: Four Visions

Reinventing Energy Futures: Four Visions presents the shifting landscape of our relationship to energy. For most inhabitants of the developed world, energy (or lack thereof) has not been a problem during their lifetimes. Energy is a technology so successful it has become invisible; the most significant, and most silent, enabler of a modern way of […]

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Mediamatic’s New Order exhibition series explores a world in which energy has become a fundamental principle of our society. Five consecutive solo shows feature new works by Dutch and international artists, designers and architects, each responding to various elements of society – such as politics, economy, health, food and experience – which together combine to […]

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NREL And Verizon Implement Cutting Edge Energy Efficiency Tech

Yesterday, the National Renewable Energy Lab NREL in Golden Colorado announced a first-of-its-kind memorandum of understanding or MOU with telecom giant Verizon to help develop and implement energy efficiency technologies. The information and communications technology (ICT) industry uses a whopping 3% of all electricity in the US and that number is only going to get bigger as more […]

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Hydrostor To Change Power Game By Storing Energy Under Water

There has been a fair bit of concern in recent years about the ability of our power plants to supply adequate electricity during periods of peak demand. Hydrostor, a Toronto-based company, is taking a different approach in offering a solution that allows plants to store their power using compressed air in underwater storage tanks. More specifically, […]

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