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Bringing Minecraft-style games to the Open Web

Shortly after Christmas 2012 (about 3 and a half weeks ago) the Story of Mojang was intentionally released as a torrent. I watched it and was inspired. A year earlier I had purchased 2 copies of Minecraft for my nephews to play (and they haven’t done much else since) but as gaming hasn’t been a […]

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The San Francisco Games Revolution Is Over

Games have always been considered expensive, risky investments – and with good reason. When a company whose founders are responsible for such legendary franchises as Grand Theft Auto blows $100 million on an online version of the same idea, it scares the living daylights out of prospective investors. However the appetite to invest has always […]


The Business of Games as Transmedia Brands

A 101 introduction to the games business and how to approach attaching multi million dollar games through to cheap and cheerful casual games to your multi platform story world. The importance of growing your brand and how upfront community and transmedia brand building is the most important factor in making any kind of success. Also […]

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Playing with Augmented Reality

As graphical user interfaces replaced text-based systems in the 1980s and ’90s, computers often came with one or two games, such as Microsoft’s Solitaire (above right), intended to help people become comfortable with the technology. Today, games are playing a similar role for augmented reality, which overlays digital data on the physical world (as in […]

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Gamification – Nieuws – Noorderlicht

Games speel je op je computer, leven doe je in de realiteit. Toch? Zo is het lang geweest, maar gaming raakt steeds meer vervlochten met de werkelijkheid. Nieuwe technieken maken het mogelijk de hele dag spelletjes spelen en echte problemen op te lossen. De grote gamification is begonnen. Mensen spelen van nature graag spelletjes. Kinderen […]