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Over Health

Over Health Healthy solutions from excellent science In de maatschappij zijn vele uitdagingen op het gebied van gezondheidszorg. Bijvoorbeeld toenemende vergrijzing, meer mensen met chronische ziektes als obesitas en diabetes en een snel oplopend tekort van personeel in de zorg. Deze uitdagingen vragen om nieuwe producten en diensten in de zorg. Technologie speelt hierbij een […]


$10 Million to Build Star Trek Inspired Health Scanner

It’s hard to imagine a Star Trek away team without their tricorders waving back and forth, scanning for life forms. Was there anything those things couldn’t do, and might we primitive 21st century humans develop a similarly powerful handheld diagnostic technology? The Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize, announced in 2012, officially opened registration in early 2013 […]

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Pioneering Innovation Through Health Data Transparency

As advocates across the country celebrate Sunshine Week, a time to focus on government transparency, the Department of Health and Human Services is proud of its work in spearheading greater data transparency.  Signature among our work in this area is the Health Data Initiative (HDI).  Founded in early 2010, the HDI is a three-pronged effort […]

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A Guide to Tracking Health & Fitness Online [INFOGRAPHIC] — which itself entered the health and fitness market this past year — has put together a best-of list of websites, iOS apps, Android apps and gadgets to keep you fit and healthy. The infographic also provides some powerful incentives for tracking your health and fitness using these new tools. A Guide to Tracking […]

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Mobile Health Apps That Share

A project aims to collect data from apps, potentially enabling new kinds of health research. A set of tools for building cell-phone apps that collect health-related information aims to change the way health information is stored, shared, and used. The Open mHealth project, developed at UCLA and UCSF, provides technology for  health apps that transmit […]

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An App that Looks for Signs of Sickness – Technology Review, a startup spun out of the MIT Media Lab, aims to use data collected automatically from mobile phones to warn users and their physicians that they may be on the verge of a manic episode or a bout of debilitating illness. The company has developed a mobile-phone app called DailyData that analyzes information on the […]

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