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18 Top International Trend Sites

As innovator you need to look ahead and prepare your organization for the future. Not an easy job, knowing the world is changing at an increasing pace. What’s going to happen? How will my market change? What new technology is out there? How are target groups changing? And what impact will it have on us? […]

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The Consumerization of Revolutions

De problemen waar we als mensheid heden te dag mee te maken hebben zijn ontzettend groot en lijken alleen maar erger te worden. Vorige generaties waren veel beter in staat om te innoveren stelt Seth. Vorig generaties waren veel innovatiever en zorgden voor innovaties die daadwerkelijk grote problemen oplosten. Polio werd van de wereld gevaagd […]

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innovation day 2012

Innovation Day 2012 is een bruisende dag waar u zich kunt laten inspireren door nieuwe ideeën en zelf aan de slag gaat met innovatie! RTL-Z nieuwslezer en verslaggeefster Diana Matroos is de dagvoorzitter. Deskundigen en ondernemers uit de creatieve, medische en technische wereld geven aansprekende en verfrissende voorbeelden van hoe u de nieuwste inzichten toepast in […]


Demola wins BSR Innovation Award 2012

Demola has been awarded as the best cross-border and cross-sector innovator within sustainable growth and global development. Demola receives the Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award 2012. In total ten organisations, projects or networks from eight countries were nominated to the award via Demola wins BSR Innovation Award 2012 | Uusi Tehdas.


The Seven Imperatives for Highly Successful Business Revolutionaries

The following is an excerpt from the convocation speech given by Don Tapscott to the 2012 class of INSEAD, a graduate business school with campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. via Don Tapscott: The Seven Imperatives for Highly Successful Business Revolutionaries.

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Innovation House Project Description

Innovation House is a DARPA -funded study administered by George Mason University. This Request for Proposals (RFP) provides a description of the effort, including requirements for participation, details on how to submit a proposal, project timeline and evaluation criteria.

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Why is Innovation so Often “Hit or Miss?” | Innovation Management

This question has baffled many executives for quite some time. Management tries to replicate the special event or circumstances that created a successful innovation project but often fails. Companies have created positions such as Chief Innovation officer, innovation teams, and organizational strategies that promote innovation through diversity, team dynamics, and social networking. However, failure rates […]

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Innovation Excellence | Statoil and Shell

It is interesting to see how open innovation has brought a different kind of competition to market leading companies. It is the fight for innovation partners and the strongest innovation ecosystems. In most industries, you have 2-4 market leaders and lots of smaller players. The big market leaders will fight each other hard to build […]

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Need Innovation? Seek Out Your Mad Scientists

“Mad scientists”—rule-breaking geniuses whose resistance to convention sometimes produces radical innovations—are both a blessing and a challenge to R&D organizations. Recent studies suggest how such rogue innovators can shape a company’s culture and what can be done to channel their influence. Need Innovation? Seek Out Your Mad Scientists | Innovation Management.

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Innovators Look for Problems

A brand new innovation often requires changing a person’s behavior or habits, which can be a nearly impossible task! So why not approach innovation by looking at existing problems? Gijs van Wulfen looks at 10 practical problems and innovative new products or services solving them. via Innovators Look for Problems | Innovation Management.