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5 ways to power the Internet of things — Cleantech News and Analysis

The Internet of Things could have a mind-boggling 24 billion devices connected by 2020 and that means there will be more than three times the amount of connected devices as people on the planet by that time. So, how will the world power all of these gadgets and machine-driven devices? The answer, beyond plugging all of those […]

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Google, Facebook, Privacy — And You

Facebook is saying that the Internet as a pure information retrieval mechanism is dead. That the “readwrite” web that began as long ago as cheap web site hosting in 1998, has entirely replaced the read-only web. That the identifiable author has replaced the anonymous one. We are broadcasting and we are identifiable. That reading what […]

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The Future Of The Internet’s Here. And It’s Creepy

In Gary Shteyngart’s 2010 novel Super Sad True Love Story, ordinary Americans are glued to superpowered iPhone-like devices while authority figures monitor their every move. Two newly released research papers on the Internet’s future, it seems, prove the author did a good job of predicting things. One Pew study has found that text messaging is […]

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The Web Is 20 Years Old Today

It was twenty years ago today/ Tim Berners-Lee taught the world to play/ Although 20 years ago he would have sworn/ That there wouldn’t have been so much porn. That’s right – the world’s first website, a placeholder page written by Sir Berners-Lee way back on August 6, 1991 in the then-nascent Hypertext Mark-Up Language, […]

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Het “app-internet” komt eraan!

Het “app-internet” komt eraan! 2 Door Lorentz Stout van Sharpener Print op woensdag 9 maart 2011 om 12:00 uur Apps op je TV, apps in je auto, apps in je koelkast, apps in je bloedrukmeter, apps als intranet of zelfs apps in je huisdier? Het lijkt allemaal wat overdreven en futuristisch, maar volgens een recent […]

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