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The Future Of Mobile-Social Could Spell The End For Social Networks

There are many common themes and questions that underpin the launch and evolution of Hangouts as a separate app and previously led to the decision to launch the Facebook Home product. These products represent two very similar answers to a common question. The primary question is who will users look to to enable their social […]

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Tiny Public Cell Towers for Your Home

Qualcomm Proposes a Cell-Phone Network by the People, for the People Mobile network speeds in urban areas could dramatically increase if consumers connected small, public base stations to their home broadband. By Tom Simonite on May 2, 2013 Why It Matters We’re demanding more and more data on mobile devices, and it’s taxing existing networks. […]

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Local Search Is Becoming a Mobile Experience With a Social Layer

Local Search Is Becoming a Mobile Experience With a Social Layer 0 Comments 03 May 2013 by Rob Reed Local search has been a “thing” for more than a decade. It started as a basic utility — needing to find a place and get directions — that consumers accessed through PCs. It often ended with […]

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Smart Mobs : The city as interface. Digital media and the urban public sphere by PhD Martijn de Waal, RUG Groningen 2012 | coworkingnews |

The main concern of the philosophic study of PhD Martijn de Waal ‘The City as Interface’ is the future of the urban public sphere. It investigates various scenarios that describe how the rise of digital and mobile media technologies, such as the mobile phone, GPS-navigation, and the usage of social networks through smartphones, change the way the […]

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TU/e ACTLab: Activity and Context recognition Technologies

The Activity and Context recognition Technologies (ACTLab) research group pursues fundamental and applied technical research on human activity and context recognition to derive intelligent ubiquitous assistants. This work is based on ubiquitous, wearable, and mobile computing technologies that provide on-body and ambient sensing functions and processing resources. ACTLab develops pattern processing systems and algorithms for multi-modal signal interpretation, […]

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Omniscient Mobile Computing: What if Your Apps Knew Everything About Where You Are?

Geographic data provider SimpleGeo announced yesterday that it now offers US census data for any location an app queries for, along with all the other types of data about what surrounds that place. Gender breakout, commute time, age, housing prices and other data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey is now included in […]

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Mobile Health Apps That Share

A project aims to collect data from apps, potentially enabling new kinds of health research. A set of tools for building cell-phone apps that collect health-related information aims to change the way health information is stored, shared, and used. The Open mHealth project, developed at UCLA and UCSF, provides technology for  health apps that transmit […]

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An App that Looks for Signs of Sickness – Technology Review, a startup spun out of the MIT Media Lab, aims to use data collected automatically from mobile phones to warn users and their physicians that they may be on the verge of a manic episode or a bout of debilitating illness. The company has developed a mobile-phone app called DailyData that analyzes information on the […]

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Rise of the “Hybrid” Mobile App

Mobile apps that use Web technologies are easier to build and deploy on multiple platforms. When Lotte Card, one of South Korea’s biggest credit card companies, wanted to create an augmented-reality app earlier this year, it faced a familiar conundrum: whether to develop a sophisticated custom app for each major mobile platform out there or produce […]

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Toward a More Social Sense of Place

A new crop of location-based services for mobile devices will encourage users to interact more. Such popular location-based services as Foursquare and Gowalla invite people to “check in” at locations using their mobile phones, let their friends know where they are, and collect rewards from businesses in the process. But these apps don’t do enough to get […]

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