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Nationaal Congres Open Data – CLICKNL

Op vrijdag 5 april 2013 is het Stadhuis in Eindhoven het toneel van het Nationaal Congres Open Data. Het thema is verbinden en delen, niet alleen de kracht van Open Data, maar ook een kernwaarde van CLICKNL. In de innovatieagenda van CLICKNL|Media&ICT is big data ook een van de grote thema’s. Het Nationaal Congres Open […]

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Open Culture Data: Opening GLAM Data Bottom-up

Open Culture Data started as a grassroots movement at the end of 2011, with the aim to open up data in the cultural sector and stimulate (creative) reuse. In this context, we organised a hackathon, which resulted in the creation of 13 Open Culture Data apps. After this successful first half year, a solid network […]

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Data as Culture | Open Data Institute

As nations, organisations, and individuals from around the world embrace and release more and more open (addressable, structured, accountable, continuous) data, we can see that we are at the beginning of a new web – much as people asked in the early 90s “why should I have a website?”, today’s question is “why should I […]

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Linked Open Aalto Data Service – Opening Aalto University Content for Applications

This site provides open data published by Aalto University. The data is expressed as Linked Data and provided as a SPARQL endpoint, Linked Data -style browser and machine (RDF) access to individual data items as well as downloads of whole datasets. Linked Open Aalto Data Service – Opening Aalto University Content for Applications.

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… the world’s first Open Knowledge Festival: a week of participatory sessions, keynote lectures, workshops, hackathons and satellite events in Helsinki from September 17th to 22nd, 2012. OKFestival combines annual events OGDCamp and OKCon to form the first festival of its kind. Its 2012 theme is Open Knowledge in Action, looking at the value that […]

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Open data White Paper |

Open Data White Paper – Unleashing the potential A document that seeks to lay out what citizens, businesses and the public sector can expect from government to help unlock the benefits of Open Data. Open data White Paper |

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Open Cultuur Data hackathon

Afgelopen zaterdag vond in Amsterdam de door Hack de Overheid georganiseerde H A C K A T H O N plaats. Open Cultuur Data was aanwezig met een hoop mooie nieuwe datasets, workshops en discussie over de kracht van open data in het culturele veld. De Open Cultuur Data competitie werd gelanceerd om developers uit […]

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Open data speerpunt Nationaal Archief

Het Nationaal Archief (NA) ziet het als speerpunt om data uit het publieke domein open te stellen en voor hergebruik beschikbaar te maken. Met open data krijgen de controleurs van onze democratie, onderzoekers en journalisten en private hergebruikers van informatie een enorme rijkdom aan bronnen tot hun beschikking. ‘Pas als het niet meer zoeken is […]

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Untangling the data debate: definitions and implications

Data is a hot topic right now: from big data, to open data and linked data, entrepreneurs and policy makers are making big claims about ‘data revolutions’. But, not all ‘data’ are the same, and good decision making about data involves knowing the differences. Tim Davies: Untangling the data debate | Government In The Lab.

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Pioneering Innovation Through Health Data Transparency

As advocates across the country celebrate Sunshine Week, a time to focus on government transparency, the Department of Health and Human Services is proud of its work in spearheading greater data transparency.  Signature among our work in this area is the Health Data Initiative (HDI).  Founded in early 2010, the HDI is a three-pronged effort […]

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