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Great Scientists Don’t Need Math

For many young people who aspire to be scientists, the great bugbear is mathematics. Without advanced math, how can you do serious work in the sciences? Well, I have a professional secret to share: Many of the most successful scientists in the world today are mathematically no more than semiliterate. via Great Scientists Don’t Need […]

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Scientists plan test to see if the entire universe is a simulation created by futuristic supercomputers

US scientists are attempting to find out whether all of humanity is currently living a Matrix-style computer simulation being run on supercomputers of the future. According to researchers at the University of Washington, there are tests that could be done to begin to work out whether we are in fact real, or merely a simulation […]

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The new science of problem solving and creativity

To develop more innovative ideas, we have to stop using conventional  right brain/left brain brainstorming techniques. The reason?  Nobel-prize winning neuroscientists have found that the big “ahas” come from a model of the brain called “intelligent memory.”  When we learn something new our brains connect it with what’s already in our memory bank. When different […]

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Scientists: This man has your number

Attention, star scientists: Pierre Azoulay is watching you. Not literally, of course: Azoulay, an economist, inhabits an office tucked away in the MIT Sloan School of Management, far from any lab. But his forte is original research about how life scientists work — or, more precisely, what makes them work well. Which kinds of grants […]


Science Café Eindhoven – Agenda

Eindhoven, de lichtstad van Nederland, bekend vanwege zijn gloeilamp. De gloeilamp is het symbool geworden van een complete lichtindustrie, die zich in de loop der tijd is blijven ontwikkelen. Op dit moment zorgt de ledtechnologie er bijvoorbeeld voor dat licht overal en op de meest uiteenlopende manieren kan worden toegepast. Dit Science Café belicht de […]

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Citizen science goes ‘extreme’

In the Congo Basin, Bayaka pygmies patrol their forests with handheld tracking devices. Using the devices to record instances of poaching, industrial roads and illegal logging, they map their landscape, documenting the course of deforestation and harmful development. The project is part of an emerging field that its champions describe as the ‘new wave’ of […]


Need Innovation? Seek Out Your Mad Scientists

“Mad scientists”—rule-breaking geniuses whose resistance to convention sometimes produces radical innovations—are both a blessing and a challenge to R&D organizations. Recent studies suggest how such rogue innovators can shape a company’s culture and what can be done to channel their influence. Need Innovation? Seek Out Your Mad Scientists | Innovation Management.

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Wetenschap 24 – Visueel festijn

Het blad Science en de National Science Foundation presenteren de winnaars van de ‘International Science and Engineering Visualisation Challenge’. De uitdaging was om wetenschappelijke geletterdheid te stimuleren door wetenschap toegankelijker te maken met visualisatie en kunst. Van de anatomische tekeningen van Leonardo Da Vinci tot de computergegenereerde beelden uit de serie Through the Wormhole, het […]

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Special Online Collection: Dealing with Data

In the 11 February 2011 issue, Science joins with colleagues from Science Signaling, Science Translational Medicine, andScience Careers to provide a broad look at the issues surrounding the increasingly huge influx of research data. This collection of articles highlights both the challenges posed by the data deluge and the opportunities that can be realized if we can better […]

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