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AUIW: Social Design in innovatie

What does it take to Redefine Growth on a scale that really matters? During the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week 2013, we will try answer this question. Together with more than hundred partners and initiatives in Amsterdam we are challenging the different visions and believes, knowledge, local experiences and concrete practices in the city to find […]


Social Innovation Meetup #4 – Waag Society

Social innovation labs lijken de ‘new kid on the block’ om te werken aan systeemverandering: onze scholen, onze zorginstellingen en zelfs onze economie verbeteren. In de ons omringende landen komen ze als paddenstoelen uit de grond en wereldwijd staan ze flink in de belangstelling. Maar wat gebeurt er eigenlijk in deze labs? Hoe werken deze […]

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Eindhoven Hackable World City: speculating on future investments for the city

Traditional urban planning in the Netherlands with top down master plans and large scale area development is over. This is partly due to the financial crisis, demographic change, peak mobility, and the digitization of urban society. The challenge of large future  investment projects is to optimize and make better use of existing resources. Cities will […]

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Southwark Circle : Our story

The Southwark Circle community believes that people can be each others’ solution, and backs it up every day, week and month by helping each other out with life’s practical bits and pieces. Southwark Circle is also about learning new things, and enjoying your hobbies and interests with others in the community. One number to call to […]

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Innovation Excellence | The Rise of Social Innovation

Social Innovation refers hereafter to social processes of innovation or collaborative innovation, such as open source methods and techniques. Collaborative innovation has developed over the past ten years through different types of approaches, and has reached momentum on the ground of realizing fast knowledge circulation across boundaries: Innovation Excellence | The Rise of Social Innovation.


Co-Creation Guide: Realising Social Innovation Together | Social Innovation eXchange

Everyday, whether we are working in the third sector, government, business or the media, we are faced by new challenges. Increasingly, these challenges are social. Social Innovation has been defined as the development and implementation of new ideas (products, services and models) to meet social needs. This broad definition embraces innovations in fields as diverse […]

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