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Eindhoven Hackable World City: speculating on future investments for the city

Traditional urban planning in the Netherlands with top down master plans and large scale area development is over. This is partly due to the financial crisis, demographic change, peak mobility, and the digitization of urban society. The challenge of large future  investment projects is to optimize and make better use of existing resources. Cities will […]

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The Urban Future is Personal

Digital production, online platforms for knowledge sharing, information access, exchange systems and social networks radically change the structure of society. This publication reports on the project of Waag Society during the 2011 edition of the PICNIC Conference in Amsterdam, where a structure was built using both ancient building techniques as well as the latest 3D […]

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Saskia Sassen to keynote Lift France ’11 | Lift conference, what can the future do for you?

When one of the world’s prominent thinker about global thinking takes a look at “smart cities”, the result differs from what most of the Industry tends to say – and that’s why we like it: “I have long thought that all the major infrastructures in a city—from sewage to electricity and broadband—should be encased in transparent […]

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Power and politics in smart cities

Power and politics in smart cities As rapid urbanisation creates new challenges, technology is providing a range of innovative solutions Share Tashweka Anderson for the Guardian Professional Network, Thursday 10 March 2011 13.00 GMT Large cities are responsible for up to 80% of global Greenhouse Gas emissions. Photograph: JLImages /Alamy In the past decade, for […]

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Atlas of Urban Expansion

Massive urbanization, accompanied by the rapid expansion of cities and metropolitan regions and the sprawling growth of megacities the world over, is one of the most important transformations of our planet. Much of this explosive growth has been unplanned. Cities in developing countries have been unprepared for absorbing the many millions of the rural poor […]

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Talking back to your intelligent city

By Saskia Sassen Much of what is put under the “smart city” umbrella has actually been around for a decade or more. Bit by bit (or byte by byte), we’ve been retrofitting various city systems and networks with devices that count, measure, record, and connect. For example, Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM), a public–private effort that identifies […]

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